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Photovoltaic inverter system maintenance skills

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-31
Photovoltaic inverter system maintenance skills. Regularly check whether all parts of the inverter wiring and firm, with and without loose phenomenon, especially should carefully check the fan, power module, the input terminals and output terminals, and grounding, etc. Once the alarm stop, no boot immediately, should find out the reason and repair again after boot, check should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the inverter maintenance manual steps. Operators must receive special training, can judge the general failure causes, and able to rule out, such as replacing the fuse, proficiently components as well as the damage of circuit board and so on. Without the training of personnel, may mount guard operation equipment. If has not ruled out the accident or the cause of the accident is not clear, should be detailed records, and promptly notify the factory to give solution.
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