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K.O. all package

K.O. all package


Time will not stop, nor will the earth not turn because of anything. After two months of hard work, China's new coronavirus situation improved, and everyone began to go back to work. Except for wearing masks when going out, all of us are the same as before.


SMT machine is busy working, the workers in the workshop speed up the installation of products, all in order to let our customers receive the solar charge controller as soon as possible. I don't know if you've noticed Xtender XTH8000-48 power inverter packaging.


The first layer is the foam box collision avoidance, the second and the third layers are cartons, 2 layers of cardboard boxes!!! At the time of shipment, the fourth layer of nylon bag will be put on. Why is that?? Don't packaging materials cost money??? No…… In fact, the packaging materials are becoming more and more expensive now, and we want to make sure that after you buy fangpusun MPPT solar controller and XTM XTH hybrid inverter, can still receive the same intact products as before after several transshipments. Even if it is resold to the third person, you can still take out the beautiful and intact outer carton. This is the attitude of fangpusun, always considering for our customers.

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