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Ultimate thinking is the magnifying glass of products

Ultimate thinking is the magnifying glass of products


How to improve the efficiency of solar energy use and how to prolong the life of solar energy storage equipment has become the focus of people's research. It is also the two major problems that people need to solve to make full use of solar energy. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop an efficient solar charge controller. Solar charge controller can detect the power generation voltage of the solar panel in real time, and track the highest voltage and current value, so that the system charges the battery with the maximum power output. It is the brain of photovoltaic systems when it is used in solar photovoltaic systems to coordinate the work of solar panels, batteries, and loads. The traditional solar controller's working parameters are set. It has set the parameter mode to transfer the power of the solar panel, and it will not change according to the surrounding environment. MPPT Solar charge controller is undoubtedly a good choice. The theory As mentioned above, the solar power generation system using MPPT Solar charge controller will be 50% more efficient than the traditional one. However, according to our actual tests, due to the impact of the surrounding environment and various energy losses, the final efficiency can also be increased by 20% -30% . In this sense, MPPT Solar charge controller is bound to eventually replace traditional solar controllers.

Fangpusun's new MPPT solar charge controller has high precision control. High precision is not only the comprehensive embodiment of product design, but also the embodiment of excellent material selection and production technology. The solar energy controller which is not controlled by high precision usually has high repair rate and poor reliability because of unreasonable product design and poor material selection.

Of course, MPPT solar charge controller can effectively solve the living and industrial power consumption in remote areas and tourism areas that cannot be covered by the conventional power grid, without environmental pollution and convenience for life.

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