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Different Fangpusun in 2020

Different Fangpusun in 2020


In last 10 years, Fangpusun become a more and more reliable company, we start solar products on 2010, it is very short and long 10 years.

Fangpusun’s 10 years Annual Meeting hold on 5th, Jan,2020, We gathered together to celebrate the tenth birthday of fangpusun. The general manager sent a New Year blessing to everyone , and set a goal for 2020. The general manager said that he hoped that fangpusun help more  power shortage people ,  fangpusun solar charge controller and inverter  could bring power for them , let more and more people use good solar controllers and inverters.


At the end of 2019, fangpusun successfully developed two series inverters ---- XTM and XTH . After 3 months of hard work, we have been able to  large quantities  production. XTM and XTH inverters are the most expensive  pure sine wave inverter  of fangpusun, but for  many people who need long-term power output, this is the cheapest inverter for them, because it can be used for 10 years or more.


XTM has 6 models, which are divided according to power and voltage

XTM 1500W-12V    XTM 2000W-12V

XTM 2400W-24V    XTM 3500W-24V

XTM 2600W-48V    XTM 4000W-48V


XTH has 4 models, which are divided according to power and voltage

XTH 3000W-12V    XTH 5000W-24V

XTH 6000W-48V    XTH 8000W-48V


1. XTM power is suitable for small families. If you have a big family, I think  XTH is more suitable.

2. You can also change the product to 3 phases according to your needs.

3. Single-phase can reach 24kw, which is very reliable for a large family.

4. For some factories and research institutes that cannot be powered off, XTH will also be a very good choice.


5. When a power failure occurs, the electric generator is not enough to support it.  If  you have XTM or  XTH which can make up for the missing power.


Of course,  buy one set , the XTM / XTH will let you know everything.

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