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How to ensure constant output of variable speed generator?

How to ensure constant output of variable speed generator?


Originally high in the saloons and yachts are now more and more widely into everyone's life, in these can live in the transportation equipment, whether it is household appliances, mobile phones, computers are not without the supply of electricity. Without the support of a stable grid, generating and storing electricity on its own is essential.

Where does the electricity come from in the rv, the yacht, the livable transportation equipment?


Almost all RV and yachts are provided by the combination of batteries and inverters. The electricity in the batteries mainly comes from:

1.Use the mains to charge

The RV can be charged at home or at the rv camp using mains electricity, and the yacht can charge its battery from the coastal power source once in port. The disadvantage is that the charging location is fixed and the flexibility is low.


2.Solar charging

Solar panels can be installed on the top of RV and yachts to convert sunlight into electricity, which can be stored in batteries through solar charge controllers. The advantage is that the battery can be charged at any time and place when there is sunlight. The disadvantage is that solar energy conversion efficiency is currently low and very unstable due to weather.


3.Charge with a generator

Generally, a generator can be prepared in the RV and yacht, and the battery can be charged with the generator when needed. The disadvantage is that the generator produces an unpleasant noise.

Power by engine

      There are two main types of engine power supply. The first type is a DC-charger that connects the starter battery and the life battery. After the starter battery is fully charged, the life battery can continue to be charged, but the disadvantage is that it can only be charged while the engine is running, which is essentially the same as generator charging.

Another popular one is to install a variable speed generator on the engine. When the engine is working in traction, it generates electricity through its own speed, and supplies power to the load through the variable speed generator inverter. The problem is that the speed of the engine changes with the speed of the vehicle because the speed of the vehicle is not constant, so it cannot provide stable power supply.

The output power of a variable speed generator depends directly on the speed of the motor.When the motor speed is too low for the power demand, the output voltage of the generator is decreased.

To avoid this problem, a permanent measurement of the input AC voltage allows working with generators that are limited in power when the motor is running at a low speed.

The drop voltage is detected and the input current of the Xtalent is diminished to stabilize the voltage. Thereafter, the Smart-Boost functionis used to help the source with the necessary power.

With that association, all the power is available even when cruising at low speed.


How to ensure constant output of variable speed generator?

As can be seen in the following figure, after the variable-speed generator inverter is connected in parallel with XTH6000-48, when the engine engine speed is less than point A, the variable-speed generator inverter cannot provide output. At this time, XTH6000-48 can provide output of 6000W. When the engine engine speed is greater than point A, the variable-speed generator inverter can provide output. At this time, the total power output is the sum of the output power of the variable speed generator inverter +XTH6000-48, so as to solve the problem that the variable speed generator inverter can not provide stable output!

The Fangpusun Hybrid Inverter/Charger meets almost all power supply scenarios on board

When installed with the battery, the Fangpusun Hybrid Inverter/Charger can be charged by the mains and communicate with our VT series solar charge controller to maximize the utilization of solar energy. It can also be connected to a generator, which can be automatically started to charge the battery by setting parameters. It can also be paralleled with the inverter of variable speed generator to increase and stabilize the output power and ensure the normal use of load.


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