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Flexmax mppt 60a

Flexmax mppt 60a


These years many customers research “China MPPT charger” on internet. Flexmax MPPT 60A, 80A solar charge controller is very popular in the United States, Australia, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Yemen, South Africa, Afghanistan,eg. Customers like its features, for example stable MPPT, data logger, connect in parallel assembly into high-power solar systems and so on.


Fangpusun is not an American brand, but its components come from the United States. The technology of products is also from the United States. Just Fangpusun solar MPPT charger controllers assembly and testing in China, in order to reduce labor costs, factory production costs, and ultimately to bring affordable prices to the majority of users.


Therefore, I hope that the majority of wholesalers and users do not mind that Fangpusun is not an American brand, the user's evaluation is the most truthly and authentic. Fangpusun's flexmax MPPT solar charge regulator has been in hot sales for 8 years, and all wholesalers and users are keen on its low price and high quality, as well as the services of our fangpusun salesmen, quick response to customers and helping customers resolve all doubts.



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