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DIY Roof Photovoltaic Off Grid System

DIY Roof Photovoltaic Off Grid System


Roof photovoltaic system has gradually entered our life, many users like DIY to make their own roof photovoltaic system. On the roof of fangpusun company's building, DIY self-made a set of roof photovoltaic power station. Next, we will talk about how to DIY photovoltaic system.



So what configuration does a roof photovoltaic system need? Generally, you can choose the economical one. Photovoltaic solar panel, photovoltaic inverter, solar controller and battery, with these four can start to make.

The roof photovoltaic system of fangpusun is 300 ㎡. We use double glass single crystal solar panels, with a total power of 38.7kw, including 2.5kW off grid and 36.2kw on grid.At present, there are many kinds of photovoltaic solar panels on the market, including monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and thin film. The conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon is high, the conversion rate of polycrystalline silicon is moderate, and the conversion rate of thin film is slightly lower than that of the two. Fangpusun thinks that you can choose solar panels according to your actual situation.

In the off grid system, XTH 8000-48 hybrid inverter is used, and its system voltage is 48V. This inverter is a new type of hybrid inverter of the new type of xtalent series introduced by fangpusun. In the hybrid system, the inverter has the advantages of high efficiency, good overload and enhanced function intelligence. Home off grid photovoltaic system is very good.

Which controller should I choose? In our off grid system, flexmax MPPT 80 controller is used. Solar controller has PWM and MPPT two controllers. In terms of charging controller, MPPT has the latest innovation compared with PWM maximum power point tracking. When you need a high performance, high efficiency and multi-functional charging controller, the fangpusun flexmax MPPT series is a good choice.

There are many kinds of batteries. We use four groups of 12V 200ah VRLA batteries. The type and capacity of the batteries depends on how much voltage, power and storage time the photovoltaic system needs.

Fangpusun thinks that we can consult our engineers about any questions about DIY roof photovoltaic off grid system or technical issues. Efficient utilization of photovoltaic power generation is the most important.

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