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Guide to Choosing the Best RV Solar Charge Controller

Guide to Choosing the Best RV Solar Charge Controller


How to choose RV solar charge controller?

Choose the right can charge more!


The efficiency of solar panels depends on many factors, such as the current weather conditions, the presence or absence of shadows, and the presence or absence of dust on the surface. In addition to these objective environmental factors, what kind of controller you use will also have an impact on the solar panel's ability to charge the battery.

This time, we will take you into the world of controllers, understanding the "solar off-grid independent power supply system brain" laudable - solar charging controller. And how to choose the best solar controller for RV.


What does the solar charge controller do?

The solar charge controller is used for solar off-grid power supply system of independence, can automatically control multiple solar panels for battery charging equipment, coordinate the efforts of the solar panels, battery, load it, monitoring, charging status, tell us the current solar panels to batteries, and battery voltage, can effectively prevent the battery overcharge, It has an anti-reverse connection and anti - short circuit function.

The solar charge controller needs to coordinate the work of solar panels, batteries and loads to ensure the stable work of the entire solar off-grid independent power supply system. It is indeed a worthy commander.


Of course, different styles of "commander", temperament is also different, the controller is divided into two categories: MPPT solar charge controller and PWM solar charge controller.

What is PWM solar charge controller?


PWM is the pulse width modulation, refers to the digital output of the microprocessor to control the analog circuit, is a digital coding method of the analog signal level. Digital control of analog circuits can greatly reduce the cost and power consumption of the system.



What is the MPPT solar charge controller?


MPPT solar charge controller full name "Maximum Power Point Tracking" (REFERRED to as MPPT) solar charge controller. The maximum power point tracking system is a kind of by adjusting the working state of the electrical module, the solar panels can output more power electrical system, be able to direct current (dc) from the solar panels effectively stored in the storage battery, the MPPT solar charge controller can real-time detect the power voltage of solar panels, and track the highest voltage current value (VI), Enable the system to charge the battery with the maximum power output. So MPPT solar charge controller of the solar panel conversion rate is relatively high, in the sunshine changes frequently or cloudy weather, than THE PWM controller absorbs at least 30% more energy, for the current off-grid system power generation efficiency of the best controller scheme.


That's why solar panels with the same power can charge differently.


  Fangpusun is the only manufacturer for FLEXmax MPPT solar charge controllers(60A and 80A) in ChinaMPPT solar charge controller of Fangpusun can keep charging in overcast and cloudy weather, and guarantee reliability in cold or hot, dry or wet, desert or island application scenarios. It is a good choice for RV off-grid solar system! Best solar controller for RV, check it 


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