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How to choose a solar charge controller?

How to choose a solar charge controller?


In the photovoltaic system, the function of solar controller is to store the electricity from photovoltaic modules in the battery after tracking and transformation; in addition, it has the function of protecting the battery from overcharge and overdischarge. It is the key to a photovoltaic energy storage system. The larger the capacity, the higher the system voltage. Low voltage is safe and suitable for household use; high voltage is efficient and suitable for commercial large capacity systems.

Difference between the PWM and the MPPT solar charge controller

At present, there are two technical routes in the market: PWM and MPPT. The PWM controller started in the early days with simple electrical structure. The controller is composed of the main power switch, a capacitor and a drive and protection circuit. The output voltage is controlled by the PWM duty cycle of the switch tube. The MPPT controller is the second generation of the solar controller. Compared with the PWM controller, it has a more powerful power device and control circuits, such as inductor and power diode.

How to choose solar charge controllers?

Between the two controllers, if conditions permit, MPPT solar charge controller is your choice, Fangpusun MPPT 60 MPPT Excellent heat dissipation design, natural air cooling and innovative maximum power point tracking technology of 80 solar charge controller can significantly improve the energy utilization rate of the solar system. Various load control methods can enhance the flexibility of the street lamp system, so as to achieve high efficiency, fast charge and low energy consumption.

Easy to deal with a variety of scenes, let the light illuminate every corner

The performance and quality of any product are related to the efficiency of use. If the quality of a solar charge controller is not good, it may fail after several months, which will bring users a bad experience. High quality solar charger can get twice the result with half the effort. Fangpusun's PWM or MPPT charge controller can easily cope with various scenes and let the light illuminate every corner.

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