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How Fangpusun inverter is hooked up in split phase?

How Fangpusun inverter is hooked up in split phase?


How Fangpusun inverter is hooked up in the split phase?


We’ve received many questions related to the “split phase” inverter /charger, which is used in North American homes, and how a single installation can handle such a system. Hopefully, I can shed some light on the matter, and explain:


How North American homes can have both 240V and 120V appliances with Fangpusun Xtender hybrid inverter/charger?

Why it must be installed on a 240V circuit, more commonly used for high-power loads like dryers, ovens, and central air.

120/240 Vac split phase is a type of power distribution system commonly found in America with a standard phase-neutral voltage of 120 Vac for residential and light commercial applications. The phase to phase( Live to Live) voltage is 240Vac for heavy industrial loads such as compressors, fridges, and pumps. Because of the 120-0-120 voltage configuration,  it is also sometimes referred to as dual-phase, 2 phase / two-phase. For example, in battery mode, Xtender 5KW 8KW pure sine wave inverters produce 2 legs of 120v hotlines which can be hooked to the 220V mains power distribution panel in your home or mobile business vehicle.


Refer to the above wiring diagram, there are two 120v hotlines, one neutral and one ground, The voltage between L1 and L2 is 240 Vac, between either one hotline and the neutral is 120V. This power system can drive either 120V or 240V equipment. The 120V is perfect for home and small-scale commercial or mobile applications.


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