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Solar charge controller

A solar charge control manages the electricity going into the battery charge in the solar array. It ensures that the heavy cycle batteries are not overcharged during the daytime, and that the electricity does not run backwards into the solar panels overnight and drain the batteries. Some charge controllers are available with additional capabilities, like lighting and load management, but handling the power is its primary job.

A solar charge control is available in two distinct technology, PWM and MPPT. How they function in a system is quite different from one another. A mppt solar charge controller is pricier than a pwm solar charge controller, and it is often worth it to pay the additional money. Solar charge controller and accessories charge the battery from the solar panel and also protect the battery and panel to conserve more energy and cash.

Fangpusun is mainly run the work of the soalr charge controller. The solar control series is available in a vast selection of types and specifications like mppt solar charge controller, PWM solar charge controller and solar charge controller accessories. Closely following the industry trend, Fangpusun charge controller manufacturers employs advanced production equipment and production technology to produce solar controllers. The item receives favors from the majority of customers for the high quality and favorable price.

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