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MPPT Solar charge controller

Fangpusun MPPT solar charge controller can work for more than 10 years in normal conditions. Real MPPT function and save much power. High efficiency with strong protect function. Low price with world quality.

How to choose the MPPT according to your side:

1, According to the market:

If you like MPPT designed in Europe, We will recommend blue MPPT 5A, 10A, 15A, 30A, 50A, 45A, 60A, 70A solar charge controller to you.

If you like MPPT designed in North America, We will recommend Flexmax 60A 80A 100A MPPT solar controller,  compatible Outback brand products, keep hot sales for 8 years in North America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. 

If you like MPPT with low price and high charging efficiency, We recommend the specification 15D, 30D, 50D, 45D, 60D, 70D that can beat all MPPT in the Chinese market at present.

2, According to the feature:

Three Types to Choose From Fangpusun MPPT Solar Charge Controllers :

Blue MPPT Series :

5A-70A (12/24/48V)

Best Choose Working with Gel, AGM, OPzS, LiFePO4.

D MPPT solar charge controller Series (Graphical LCD Display) :

15A-70A (12/24/48V)

Best Sell Products, Most Popular MPPT, With Maximum PV 150VOC, For 12v 24v 48v Battery Bank

FLEXmax MPPT Series :

60A,80A,100A (12V/24V/48V/60V)

Most recognized MPPT controller on the market; The latest innovation High Voltage and High Amp MPPT Charge Controllers. Looking for profesional MPPT solar charge controller supplier, contact Fangpusun. 

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