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How is the vehicle in space powered?

How is the vehicle in space powered?


How is the vehicle in space powered?

On April 16, 2022, China's Shenzhou XI-3 spacecraft completed its manned space station mission and landed in Inner Mongolia, China. Where did the three astronauts get the electricity for their 180-day mission? 

The spacecraft also has a "PV + energy storage" system

That's right! A PV off-grid system, which we take for granted, is also being used in big space vehicles. The system requires solar cells and energy storage batteries. Solar cells in space are solar cell wings. As the aircraft orbits the Earth, when it reaches the sun's illumination area, the solar cell wings will convert the solar energy into electricity for the aircraft to use, while storing energy in the energy storage battery. When the vehicle orbits in the shadow of the Earth and the sun, the battery outputs electricity to power the vehicle.

"PV + energy storage" is the most important energy supply method for space exploration

Generally speaking, manned spacecraft can be powered by solar power, nuclear power, fuel cells and batteries. The choice depends on a number of factors, such as the power of a manned spacecraft and the length of time it will stay in space.

Solar energy is always with us in the universe we have reached so far. The solar energy in the universe is 1.4 times that on earth. Compared with the danger of nuclear energy and the limitation of fuel cells and batteries, solar energy can be said to be the most perfect choice.


We may never reach the boundary of the universe, but we must also start from scratch, from small to big, and boldly explore the mysteries of the universe. Fangpusun has been in the photovoltaic industry for more than ten years, and its solar controllers and inverters are sold well in more than 190 countries and regions. Maybe Fangpusun cannot provide services for human space exploration, but Fangpusun can provide excellent photovoltaic products for every person, every family and every company on the earth. Just like Fangpusun's Xtalent series inverters can power any kind of battery and any scenario!




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