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Flexmax80 MPPT is being installed in Nigeria...

Flexmax80 MPPT is being installed in Nigeria...


Flexmax80 MPPT is being installed in Nigeria...



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Fangpusun Flexmax80 MPPT

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Measuring, Balancing,PVB

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Recently, the customer has shared with us several photos, which show that they are helping the customer install the PV system. The solar charge controller used in these PV systems is Flexmax80 MPPT produced by our Fangpusun company.

Flexmax MPPT is very popular in the African market, especially in Nigeria, which has a tropical monsoon climate with high temperatures and rain all year round. There are wet and dry seasons throughout the year. The rainy season is from May to October, with high humidity and low temperature, and the highest temperature is about 28℃. The dry season from November to April of the next year, the highest temperature of 40℃ or so, the weather is hot, which December - January of the next year for the Hamadan wind season, often sand fog. Why can Fangpusun's Flexmax series solar controller win the market in such a complex climate such as dry, high temperature, humidity and sand fog in different periods of time?


Intelligent thermal management system, high temperature resistance

  Flexmax60&80 built-in high power fanthe internal fan will only run when the internal temperature has reached approximately 112°F. The fan will continue running until the internal temperature is less than 104°F. The excellent thermal management system ensures that the Flexmax can maintain its rated maximum current in an environment of 40  and operate normally in a maximum temperature of 60 . The maximum temperature in Nigeria is around 40 , so the Flexmax has a lot of redundancy.




PCB spraying Conformal coating applies to a wide range of scenarios

Flexmax MPPT series inverter, at the same time of using performance of the components on the PCB surface anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion paint used in PCB circuit board with waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof "three anti" performance and resistance to heat and cold shock, resistance to aging, ozone radiation resistant, salt fog resistance, resistance to corrosion, good vibration resistance, flexibility, adhesion and other performance. It can withstand the humidity of Nigeria's rainy season, the heat and sand of the dry season.


Three-stage charging and Optional Battery Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) protect Battery health

The three segments of the Flexmax series are charged for: BULK-ABSORBING-FLOAT 

The FLEXmax charge controller is a sophisticated, multi-stage battery charger that uses severalregulation stages to allow fast recharging of the battery system while ensuring a long batterylife.
















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