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Analysis of main parameters of solar charge controller

Analysis of main parameters of solar charge controller


analysis of main parameters of solar charge controller

in off-grid solar power system, the function of the solar charge controller is to store the electric energy generated by pv modules into the battery after tracking and conversion. of course, there are many other functions, such as protecting batteries and pv modules. for expensive batteries and pv modules, the solar charge controller is very cost-effective with a small investment. the most important parameters of solar energy charge controller are system voltage and charging current, input voltage range, mppt input number and conversion efficiency.

01- system voltage

the system voltage mentioned here is battery cell voltage. now there is no specific standard for battery cell voltage, but there are eight types of battery cell voltage in the market: 12v, 24v, 48v, 96v, 110v, 220v, 380v, 600v, the general household solar system battery cell voltage is below 48v, because low voltage is relatively safe and can also meet the household electrical load.


02- charging current

charging current refers to the maximum current output by a solar pv module. in the solar charge controller product line of fangpusun, the minimum charging current of a single solar charge controller is 3.3a and the maximum charging current is 100a. fangpusun's -80 series can connect up to 15 units in parallel, so the maximum charging current can reach 1200a.


03- voltage input range

the circuit structure of the solar charge controller is different, and the voltage range is different. the wider the voltage range, the more convenient it is to choose the modules in series and parallel. to take the 48v controller as an example, the general voltage range is 100v-150v, generally can be connected to 2 to 3 pv modules, with little room for choice; but the fangpusun flexmax mppt100-300 solar charge controller supports up to 300v, which gives you plenty of options for pv modules.


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