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The moon is high, full and far Fangpusun meets his ten year old self

The moon is high, full and far Fangpusun meets his ten year old self


This year's Mid Autumn Festival and national day are the same day?? Yes, in China this year is a leap year (there is a "leap month") affected by the "leap month", the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day collided. The Mid Autumn Festival, together with the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day and Dragon Boat Festival, is called the four major traditional festivals in China. Influenced by Chinese culture, the Mid Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival of some countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia, especially the local Chinese and overseas Chinese. On that day, people will light lamps, watch the tide, enjoy the moon, and eat moon cakes.

This year, fangpusun welcomed a meaningful year. Fangpusun met his 10-year-old self. Among them, fangpusun PR 10-30 solar charge controller series was also 10 years old.


Design of solar charging controller

Solar charging controller is the core component of the island system. It regulates the energy flow of the whole system and has a significant impact on the function and service life. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the appropriate solar charging controller. PR 10-30 charging controller has the latest charging technology of battery high-end state of charge control (SOC), charging protection and over discharge protection.

user interface

If the solar charging controller is used in the application where people live with the system, it must have a large LCD screen to show the working status of the system through symbols, and inform users of the system, its use method and operation mode, For purely technical applications, the data such as voltage, current and charging state of PR 10-30 solar charging controller with simple LED display can also be displayed on the display in digital form. In addition, the controller also has an energy meter that can be reset by the user.

  In the decade of photovoltaic, Fangpusun has never stopped,Moon high, full moon, far from the moon, fangpusun meets a different Mid Autumn Festival of ten,Fangpusun it's only with your that we can be perfect satisfacto

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