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What Is The Best Hybrid Solar Inverter, And Where To Buy It?

What Is The Best Hybrid Solar Inverter, And Where To Buy It?


Hybrid inverters have been at the core of any primary, budget solar battery storage system. They are employed to store extra solar energy to boost self-consumption and provide backup power. These inverters operate in the same way as any other best hybrid solar inverter, but they also have a built-in battery charger and connectivity in a single compact box. The usage of hybrid inverters necessitates the need for an external energy meter (CT) to measure power use and software that can be set to make optimum use of the available solar or battery energy.

Here is a look at the best hybrid solar inverter available on the market right now:

Fangpusun's Xtalent Hybrid Inverter

Five functions in one

The Xtalent is an authentic energy controller that is distinctive and compact, and it performs five primary duties. Current injectors, off-grid inverters, transfer systems, battery chargers, and other types of assistance for an alternating current source are all possible configurations. With the help of these capabilities, it is possible to manage and use available energy in an optimized and practical manner.


All of the parameters on the Fangpusun Xtalent inverter can be managed from a distance. When a new version of the software with additional features becomes available, it may be put into the system, ensuring that the Fangpusun Xtalent is indeed updated. It is possible to connect several Fangpusun Xtalents in a parallel configuration or construct a three-phase system. That means that a group of up to nine Fangpusun Xtalents can collaborate on a project.

Features and performances

· The voltage of a true sine wave

· Dependable and silent under any load conditions.

· Smart-Boost technology provides help to the source even when dealing with challenging loads.

· Peak loads are automatically reduced by the system (power shaving)

· PFC-enabled multistage programmable battery charger with many stages (Power Factor Correction)

· The stand-by level can be adjusted over a wide range, starting with a shallow threshold.

· Transfer relay with ultra-fast transfer speeds

· Digital signal processors are in charge of the control (DSP)

· Exceptional efficacy

· 2-year manufacturer's warranty



The Xtalent inverter series is divided into three categories based on their power output, corresponding to the XTH, XTM, and XTS models, respectively. These devices, whether they are configured singly, in three-phase, split-phase, or parallel, provide complete flexibility in terms of the desired energy system idea, regardless of how they are configured.


In addition to a wide range of applications, the Xtalent could be operated in conjunction with sophisticated software. Specific markets that require new solutions that work with various battery technologies will find the Xtalent series products to be the most appropriate gadgets.

✔Easy to operate 

The Xtalent's factory settings are sufficient to meet the requirements of the vast majority of applications, making it an actual plug-and-play device in most cases. Energy is delivered automatically, and the auxiliary contacts are programmed to activate the genset's auto-start and alert capabilities as necessary. In addition, the LEDs on the front panel of the Xtalent allow the user to observe how the gadget is operating at a glance.

✔Multifunction contacts

These potential-free contacts may be designed to work with a wide range of various systems. They can respond to any incident occurring outside or within the inverters. They can also be programmed to operate on a timer or turn on and off at specific times of the day. Based on the circumstances, they can be used to start a generator, turn off less critical loads, signal a malfunction, and charge batteries, to name a few applications.

✔Smart-boost function

The production of some other alternating current source, such as a power generator or a charger connection, can be enhanced by using the smart-boost function; this is true even when specific loads are employed (inductive, asymmetric, with high switch-on current). It is also feasible to combine the Fangpusun Xtalent with virtually any existing inverter to maximize the total amount of power available.


The Xtalent Inverter by Fangpusun is composed of several sub-products. Hybrid inverters are constructed with an industrial-grade master control chip as their building blocks. It is safe and of high quality, and it has the advantages of stable operation and long service life. Each type and specification of the Xtalent Inverter can be customized to meet your individual needs. The performance of the inverter 2000W, 220V 12v is constant, and the quality is excellent. It is long-lasting and has a wide range of applications.


In addition to solar power supply systems such as solar garden lights, solar traffic lights, solar billboards, solar garden lights, and home automation, it is suited for other solar power supply systems. Fangpusun is committed to pursuing excellence and innovating to provide consumers with better services and the highest-rated solar hybrid inverter based on client demand.

Where to buy this best hybrid solar inverter? - the best hybrid inverter manufacturer

Fangpusun is a solar energy company specializing in researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing solar energy products. The corporation has a team of highly skilled professional technical and managerial experts that have come together to establish a set of operating systems that include science, industry, and trade as one of the components. We are the best hybrid inverter manufacturer that does sophisticated research and development, manufacturing, commissioning, and equipment testing, as well as tight quality management systems for product development, manufacturing, and marketing. Our products have been sold in more than 80 nations and areas worldwide. High-quality products and excellent after-sales support have earned us a positive reputation with our consumers. We cordially invite new and existing clients worldwide to participate in a business discussion. We are committed to working together to build a better future as a group.


We are the leading hybrid inverter manufacturer with modern production lines and high-tech quality control equipment, scientific, governmental, professional engineers, fully skilled technicians, and qualified staff dedicated to the production of high-quality solar system components and components. We have achieved RoHS certification, CE certification, and numerous other international and domestic authority certifications and accreditations. 


If you are looking for a professional hybrid inverter manufacturer, Fangpusun will be your perfect choice, welcome to contact us for further information.

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