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110V Output Hybrid Inverter - Fangpusun Pure Sine Wave Inverter

110V Output Hybrid Inverter - Fangpusun Pure Sine Wave Inverter


110V output hybrid inverter/charger


Customers from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, come here! Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co., Ltd. has made a 110V AC output power inverter for you. What are the advantages of buying Fangpusun brand pure sine wave inverter?

Genaral Hybrid inverter built in MPPT

When the hybrid Inverter built in MPPT breaks down, the whole machine has to be repaired or updated, and the     power system will be suspended.




No matter MPPT solar controller or inverter / charger fails, as long as a part of them is replaced, the whole off-grid power supply system can continue to work normally, and the cost is lower than replacing the hybrid Inverter built in MPPT.

Fangpusun brand XTM 2600-48, XTM 4000-48 hybrid inverter/charger available  48VDC input to 110VAC output. Also suitable for customers from Tahiti, Japan, Taiwan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Lebanon, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Nicaraguan, Dominica, Honduras, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Senegal, Morocco, Spain. Welcome to contact us, our salesman will give you more detailed explanation.


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