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Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter- Working and Benefits

Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter- Working and Benefits


Solar systems are new to producing energy for homes as they are cheaper and way more convenient than electricity. So if you are also getting the solar system and have appliances that use alternate current, you’ll need an inverter with the solar system. The inverter helps transform the direct current generated by the solar panels through the sunlight into the alternate current.

Therefore, you will find various kinds of inverters when you get the inverters. One of the most famous and fabulous inverters to use with the solar system is the off grid pure sine wave inverter. Pure sine inverters are 2 times more expensive than the other inverters. So now you might be thinking, are they really good? And what exactly are the off-grid pure sine wave inverters? So here, you will learn everything about these inverters, their working, and even the benefits.

What is the Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

The pure sine wave inverter is one of the best inverters that can be used for all kinds of off-grid solar systems. The pure sine wave inverter works wonderfully for the more extensive off grid solar system, but you can also use these inverters with standard or smaller-sized solar systems.

The off grid pure sine wave inverter converts the direct current from the solar panels to alternating current. Other than that, the pure sine inverter can also be used as the transformer. They can raise the amplitude of the direct current to a much higher alternate current voltage.

How do Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverters Work?

As previously mentioned, the Pure Sine Wave Inverters convert the direct current to the alternating current. Furthermore, they also increase the amplitude of the voltage. The Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter direct current is changed to the alternating current via a switch. Because of this, a still square waveform is established. The alternating current flows between the range of zero to the maximum value when the switch is turned off and on. But right now, the current is flowing only in one direction. So to make the current flow in both directions, you need to have some automated switch. It will help the current flow in both directions. When the automated switch is turned on and off continuously, it forms the waves in the graph. Hence, it shows the current is continuously flowing back and forth with a proper rhythm.

Benefits of having the Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverters:

Following are some of the fantastic advantages that you can get from the Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverters:

1. Electric Current is similar to the Electric Grid:

The waves produced by the off grid pure sine wave inverter are similar to the waveform from the main electrical panels. It means you won’t see any difference between the electricity produced by the solar panels and the electricity people get from the main electricity powerhouse. You get the same effect but by getting the power from the off-grid electricity produced from the solar systems.

2. Consistent Flow of the Current:

Another significant benefit you will be getting from the Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter is that you can get a constant flow of current. This means that the home appliances will work at a consistent voltage, and they won’t get damaged easily.

The traditional inverters produce square forms which means that the electric current does not flow smoothly. But the Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverters produce a smooth current flow. The consistent flow is produced by moving the voltage up and down through the automated switch.

3. Protects the Sensitive Devices:

As mentioned above, Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces smooth current; hence, it protects sensitive electronic devices. Sensitive devices are those devices that need smooth and clean electricity to work correctly. Other inverters that do not produce the smooth current can disturb or damage the working of these smooth devices. The smooth devices include the CPAP machines in the ICU, blenders, Refrigerators, compressors, microwaves, and many other things. Hence, these inverters minimize any damage to these sensitive devices.

4. Quiet Performance:

The Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverters produce no noise when the electronic devices are working. They are quiet, smooth, and clean. But if you have the modified sine wave inverter, it is very much possible that you will hear an annoying bussing sound all over your house.

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Solar Power System Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 4000W 8000W 12kw 36kw 48V-110V/230V

Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter applications

Products Features:

Model NO.
Nature of Wave String
Sine Wave Inverter
DC/AC Inverters
Surge Rating
Maximum Charging Current
Output Voltage (at No Load)
Pure Sine Wave 230VAC (±2%) / 120VAC (1)
Output Frequency
45Hz-60Hz(1) +/-0.05% (Crystal Controlled)
Overload and Short-Circuit Protection
Automatic Disconnection with 3 Time Restart Attemp
Operating Temperature Range
-20 to 55 C
Tow Year
Load Detection
2 to 25 W
Transport Package
Standard Export Carton Packing
CE, RoHs, SGS, ISO9001
Zhejiang, China

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