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Everything you need to know about 3 Phase Hybrid Inverters

Everything you need to know about 3 Phase Hybrid Inverters


Inverters are one of the best things that have been invented. There are many benefits of having an inverter at your home or office. However, there are many different types of inverters available in the market. These inverters can differ in size, performance, capabilities, and efficiency. So what is the best type of inverter you can attach with the solar panel? Then one of the best batteries you can consider adding to your solar panel is the hybrid inverters.

What are Hybrid Inverters?

Hybrid inverters are one of the latest inverters available in the market. These inverters are known for their fantastic work and efficiency. The hybrid inverters are also called hybrid grid-tied inverters and are also known as the battery-based inverter. It is based on two different components. The first component is the solar inverter, and the other one is the battery inverter into a single piece of equipment.

It is essential that you add an inverter with the solar energy system. The inverter aids with converting the direct current electricity generated by the solar system to the alternate current. This alternate current (AC) will now run the appliances present at your home.

If you have the regular and traditional inverter with your solar panel, you might face complications later. If you decide to add a battery with the solar panel, you'll need to separate the battery-specific inverter from the traditional inverter. But having a hybrid inverter with your solar panel can be very beneficial. It can be very tedious and can even damage the solar system in the long run. However, having a hybrid inverter with a solar panel, you won't need to add any extra battery. The hybrid inverter will act as an inverter and a battery for the solar system. Therefore, this is the best and most convenient option if you consider getting an inverter for your solar system.

What is a 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter?

A 3 phase hybrid inverter is a device that can be attached to the solar panel and gives a lot of benefits. This inverter acts as a typical inverter and converts the direct current into the alternate current. After converting it into an alternate current, the inverter distributes it to 3 phase power supply.

3 Phase Hybrid Inverters

What is a 3 Phase Power Supply?

Nowadays, most modern homes have 3 phase wiring grids. This means that 3 phase homes need more energy and pull more energy from the grid for the home appliances to work. It is perfect to handle huge voltage loads such as air conditioners, electric car charges, pool heaters, and other big things in the home.

What are the benefits of 3 Phase Hybrid Inverters?

Having a 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter can be very advantageous for your home. Following are a few benefits that you can get from these hybrid inverters. Minimizing voltage problems: Since the 3 phase hybrid inverters break the voltage into three different ways, it lowers the weight of the voltage. When the electricity goes through three different pathways, there is less possibility of getting extra voltage to the appliances and causing damage to them. Therefore, these inverters minimize the voltage problems due to heavy load.

1. Reducing the inverter tripping:

When there is a surplus of load on the inverter, it can cause them to trip. Hence, causing a blackout in the home. But when you use the 3 phase hybrid inverter, they help to reduce the load by giving them three pathways. So when the load is reduced from the inverter, it minimizes the tripping of the inverter.

2. Can be used with larger solar panels:

Using a traditional inverter with larger solar panels can be pretty tricky as they cannot bear the load. However, the 3 phase hybrid inverters are a great way to install larger solar panels at your home. The 3 phase of the hybrid inverter allows the electricity to be directed in three ways so that the panels do not have a lot of voltage. Hence, it won't cause any damage to the solar panels and makes it easier for them to work correctly.

3. Do you need a 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter?

If you have a 3 phase power supply, it is not crucial that you get the 3 phase hybrid inverters. However, it is recommended by the electricians to have the 3 phase hybrid inverter to compliment the 3 phase power supply. The main advantage you will get by adding the 3 phase hybrid inverter is that it will reduce the voltage high. Hence, preventing any damage to the home appliances.


Where to get the best 3 Phase Hybrid Inverters?

It can be pretty hard to find the best quality hybrid inverters. However, Fangpusun is a website with a wide variety of 3 phase hybrid inverters. Our corporation has the best and most professional team members who make the best 3 phase hybrid inverter. Other than that, we use modern and high technology to manufacture the best hybrid inverters to enjoy their lives without any difficulties. 

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