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Thanksgiving RV trip, but do you know how the electricity on the RV came from?

Thanksgiving RV trip, but do you know how the electricity on the RV came from?


on the fourth thursday of november every year, thanksgiving day is a traditional western holiday. during thanksgiving day, people enjoy meals, games, shopping and some families will drive rv to the countryside for an outing. do you know how the electricity on rv comes from?

rv is generally divided into 12v dc (there are rv using 24v or even 48v) and 220v ac two modes. there are two kinds of battery in the rv, the first kind of battery for the front car start battery, the battery power is not to the rv electric appliances power, so we need to be equipped with a second battery, we call it life battery, used to store the rv life needed electricity.

so where does the electricity come from? there are four main ways, including front-car power generation, external mains power generation, generator power generation, solar power generation. each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, and the electricity obtained is stored in the rv life battery. rv car friends can be based on personal travel habits, electricity demand to match the corresponding power supply scheme.



1.external mains power generation


external power charging, is to directly use the electricity to charge the life battery, there will be "external power" interface on the side of the rv.

advantages: you can charge as long as you have an outlet. after connecting the socket, the rv can freely use high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioning.

disadvantages: rv travel is limited to charging piles and campsites, not enough freedom to go wherever you want.



2.generator charging


use oil-fired generators to generate electricity and then charge the life battery.

advantages: oil generator, oil can generate electricity, can be carried with the car, with life battery use effect is good.

disadvantages: noise, repeated purchase of fuel cost is higher, taste is heavier, pollution to the environment. it's heavy and needs a lot of effort to carry.



3.pv power generation


using solar panels to generate electricity, and through the solar charge regulater to charge the life battery.

advantages: quiet and environmental protection, there is light can generate electricity. the amount of electricity generated depends on the power of the solar panels and the lighting environment. 

disadvantages: limited by the lighting environment, power generation can not be generated on cloudy days and at night, and limited by the roof area, can not install a lot of solar panels, power generation is limited, solar power can only be used as an auxiliary power supply.



4.engine running charge

add a dc charger to the starter battery and the life battery to charge the life battery while the front car generator is charging the life battery.

advantages: it can generate electricity while driving and store it in the life battery. the size of the generator in front of the car affects the amount of electricity generated.

disadvantages: it can only be charged while the vehicle is in motion, but not when parked and resting.


from the above four charging methods, you can see how convenient it is to have a hybrid solar regulator/inverter  in the rv. the battery can be charged using alternating current or used as an off-grid inverter to power the load on the rv.

fangpusun's xtender hybrid inverter/charger also uses the power generated by the pv directly for the load. fangpusun xtender inverter/charger with mppt solar charge controller can also achieve the best energy management, as shown in the following 3 figures.




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