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Photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter and the characteristics of the off-grid inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-19
Inverter is a relatively important components, photovoltaic power station is an integral part of the whole plant. The inverter applications use requirements, however, is divided into photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter and off-grid inverter. So what is the characteristic and the difference between the two inverters? Detailed talk today: the characteristics of photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter is must the power grid, it does not, disconnect power grid work of the reentry after its output place need to detect the grid interconnection of action. Due to the power grid transmission, must be in phase, frequency, voltage and power grid in parallel output. Photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter does not need energy storage, but energy cannot control, photovoltaic hair how much electricity went to lose how much electricity grid, like a small power plant. Characteristics of photovoltaic off-grid inverter off-grid inverter can work independently, after leaving the grid is equivalent to an independent small grid, mainly in control of their voltage, which is a voltage source. Can bring resistance capacity and motor perceptual load, strain quick anti-interference, adaptability and practicability is strong, is the preferred blackout emergency power supply and outdoor power supply power supply products. Photovoltaic off-grid inverter for electric power system, communication system, railway, shipping, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, outdoor and other places, can be connected to the mains for battery charged supplement, can set the wind photoelectric priority mains backup, or mains priority scenery electricity backup. Buy photovoltaic inverter, the user can be choose according to their own requirements.
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