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From Practical To Beautiful - Photovoltaic Family System Improve The Quality Of Life

From Practical To Beautiful - Photovoltaic Family System Improve The Quality Of Life


Human development has experienced three energy revolutions, the first one is marked by the invention and application of the steam engine; the second one is marked by the invention and application of electricity. The first two energy revolutions are dominated by fossil energy such as coal, oil and natural gas. The third is the development and application of new energy mainly based on photovoltaic power generation, gradually realizing the "substitution of non fossil energy for fossil energy". With the development of new technology, the conditions for "photovoltaic based new energy to replace kerosene based fossil energy" are more and more mature, so people's demand is higher and higher.

With the improvement of people's requirements for the whole photovoltaic system. In the home system, photovoltaic electrical often like to use, not only the solar controller but also pure sine wave inverter and other electrical technology also have a relatively large room for progress.

The photovoltaic family system as the fireworks also reflects the atmosphere of home life. As a warm and loving place, if it is interrupted due to the instability of the power grid, it may greatly affect the quality of life and even the temperature of a house. The loss rate of household appliances is also greatly improved by the inadvertent interruption of the power grid. Therefore, Fangpusun provides a powerful backup power supply and a complete, reliable and more durable backup power supply solution.

In the home off-grid system, Fangpusun FLexmax MPPT 60A or FLexmax MPPT 80A solar charge controller is the best choice in the design of the large or small family system, and it is also very beautiful in appearance. The black simple atmosphere is the best choice for minimalists. Of course, its quality is also through our engineers repeated testing and inspection, the final product.

Light is the cleanest and most convenient way of energy utilization. Photovoltaic power generation can directly convert to electric energy under normal temperature and pressure. The process is simple, carbon-free and has a good economy. Therefore, photovoltaic power generation is more and more widely used in the world.

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