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Coffee shop project in Greece ——reducing dependence on the electricity grid

Coffee shop project in Greece ——reducing dependence on the electricity grid


Coffee shop project in Greece ——reducing dependence on the electricity grid

System components

Fangpusun XTH5000-24 Hybrid Inverter/Charger × 2

Fangpusun VT-80 MPPT solar charge controller × 2

Fangpusun RCC-02 × 1

80AH Battery × 12

PVB × 9

This is a coffee shop in Greece, where the electricity bill is the highest in Europe at 5 billion megawatt hours, about 50 percent higher than the EU average of 34 euros per megawatt hour. Sweden's bill is 1.7 billion megawatt hours, three times higher than Sweden's.

With the high cost of electricity. Thirty members of the Restaurant and Cafe Association in Patras, Greece, have been forced to close their doors after failing to pay their electricity bills. Lamopoulos Liorios, who runs a catering business in the city, said that instead of paying the 10,000 euro bill, businesses had to face the pain that next month's bill would be on schedule, and that "the subsidy is so small, 60 euros a month is like cheating consumers."

The cafe's owner, who was looking for a new way to power his utility bills, chose Fangpusun after many comparisons. The system uses two Fangpusun XTH5000-24 Hybrid Inverter/Charger in parallel. It can withstand a load of 9000W in general, 10Kw in 30 minutes and 24Kw in 5S. The 9Kw load is enough for a coffee shop. When night comes, it can also turn on the lights arbitrarily. For a coffee shop, it is very important to create an atmosphere with lights at night!



In addition, 2 Fangpusun VT-80 MPPT solar charge controllers can generate communication between VT MPPT solar charge controller and  XTH Hybrid Inverter/Charger and maximize the use of solar energy. With a total of about 100AH of batteries, it can easily cope with any use scenario, such as battery priority, UPS and other functions, and minimize the dependence on the power grid while not affecting the daily operation. Electricity bills have also been greatly reduced.

It is understood that this system has a great impact on the coffee shop. The owner no longer worries about the high daily electricity bill, let alone the normal operation of the coffee shop due to the Greek power grid problem. The coffee shop can save about 2,000 euros in electricity bill every month, with a considerable rate of return.



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