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Off-grid PV system with Flexmax MPPT

Off-grid PV system with Flexmax MPPT


Off-grid PV system with Flexmax MPPT

Flexmax MPPT is the most popular solar charge controller of Fangpusun. This product has been the home product of Fangpusun company since its inception. It is a hot seller in North America, Africa and Australia, especially in the African market.

Now let's take a look at this solar system from our Nigerian customer. The solar charge controller is Fangpusun Flexmax MPPT80. The configuration of this system is as follows:

*4.3KW/48 Magnum Inverter

*48000Wh (24x 2V/1000Ah) OPzV Gel Battery Bank Storage Capacity

*8.95KW Dual PV Array

*100A Magnum PT-100 MPPT

*80A Fangpusun Flexmax MPPT

*AC & DC Surge Protection Devices

*Residual Current Circuit Breaker, RCCB

*Over/Under Voltage Protection Device

*AC & DC Isolation Miniature Circuit Breakers

*AC Multimeter (Energy Wattmeter)

*Maintenance Bypasses

*Auto Transfer Switches, ATS

*Electronic Digital Timers,

*48V Battery Life Saver, BLS

*AC and DC Digital Voltmeters 

*Voltage Stab


Both solar charge charge controllers in the system performed well after a while of use, but Fangpusun's Flexmax MPPT was more stable in the Nigerian climate, with no significant performance degradation.

We are also very pleased to receive the customer's affirmation, because our company has invested a lot of energy to grasp the product quality of Flexmax MPPT. From the selection of accessories and suppliers to the strict control of accessories warehousing, from high standards of production to harsh factory testing, Fangpusun grasps every detail and is committed to the highest quality products.

In addition to high quality components, high quality production and rigorous factory testing, the intelligent cooling system built into Flexmax also plays an important role in keeping the controller stable. Flexmax has a built-in high-power fan. With Fangpusun's unique algorithm, Flexmax can maintain the maximum current charge at the highest 40 ° C and work normally at the highest 60 ° C. This, of course, plays a huge role in Nigeria's hot season.

Nigeria has a rainy season for several months of the year. When the rainy season comes, the dry and hot conditions become wet. After the rainy season, the weather in Nigeria can be windy and sandy. No matter when the humid environment or dust climate, this will have a certain impact on the general solar charge controller. But the main board of the Flexmax MPPT is sprayed with three anti-paint, so it can easily face wet and dusty conditions.

Compared with the other solar charge controller, Flexmax also has a display screen, which is an LCD screen. You can see the working condition of Flexmax by pressing buttons. The Flexmax can also store 128 days of relevant data, which can provide practical data for future maintenance of the solar system.


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