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4000W classic hybrid solar system from China Fangpusun Company

4000W classic hybrid solar system from China Fangpusun Company


system components


15 x 385w pv

1 x fangpusun Xtalent xtm4000-48 hybrid inverter/charger

1 x fangpusun VictorT-80 mppt solar charge controller

4 x 200ah 12v battery


what is a hybrid solar system

   a multi-mode hybrid inverter can control your home, charge batteries. it can connect to mains and flexibly switch between battery priority and mains priority.



why 4000w hybrid solar system is classic

general household power supply load reference is as follows:

lighting (200w, 6 hours per day)

refrigerator (50w, 24 hours per day)

variable frequency air conditioning (1hp, 12 hours per day)

tv (50w, 10 hours per day).

other household appliances that are used at irregular times, including washing machines, desktops, rice cookers, fans, etc.


total load power statistics:



air conditioning750w


washing machine300w


rice cooker1200w

electric fan100w

the total amount is 2,850w. considering the conversion efficiency of solar inverter, if the conversion efficiency is 90%, 3,200w solar inverter is needed for 2850w. therefore, xtm4000 solar inverter is still redundant.


electricity consumption statistics:

lighting consumes1.2kwh


air conditioners 2kwh


washing machines 1kwh


rice cookers1kwh



in fact, the average daily power consumption is about 6 to 10kwh.


solar energy generation statistics:

for example, in some areas, light conditions are good, if it lasts 4.5 hours a day. the design uses 15 385wpv modules, which can generate 15*385*4.5=25.98kwh of electricity. the off-grid system has a low efficiency of about 0.8, and the average daily power generation is about 25.98*0.8=20.79kwh. it has far exceeded the average daily consumption of 6 to 10kwh. but solar photovoltaic systems depend on the weather, which is not 100% reliable.


battery capacity design:

the solar hybrid system has four 12v 200ah lead-acid batteries, which can theoretically store 4*12*200=9.6kwh, enough to cope with a load that consumes an average of about 6 to 10 kwh per day.


why the combination of fangpusun Xtalent xtm-4000-48 hybrid inverter/charger and -80 mppt solar charge controller?

fangpusun Xtalent xtm-4000 hybrid inverter/charger can be connected to mains, and there are 2 modes to choose from when connected to mains:

1.battery priority: preferentially use battery power supply. when the battery power is lower than the rated value, xtm will automatically switch to the mains power supply and charge the battery at the same time.


2.mains priority: preferentially use mains power and charge batteries at the same time. when the power grid fails, it switches to battery power within 0.15s and functions as the ups.

of course, it can also be used as an off-grid inverter alone, which is a top solar hybrid inverter/charger.

-80 meets the highest industry standards, and due to the high ingress protection rating (ip54), it is especially robust and well suited for difficult environments. in addition, it is fully protected against reversed polarity.

the  is designed to be used in all types of solar systems, and the combination of the  + Xtalent results in a highly efficient system. the communication between the devices permits the synchronization of the battery charge cycle regardless of the technology (lead acid, lithium, nickel, etc...). unlike other all-in-one hybrid solutions, the  + xtender allows to independently select the appropriate capacity of solar pv and inverter-charger, resulting in a more finely tuned system design.



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