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Efficient life change

Efficient life change


In remote areas far away from the power grid or inconvenient transportation, solar power generation uses solar charging controller, battery pack and solar panel to form an independent photovoltaic power station. Although the cost of the controller in the whole solar system is very low, it seems to be a small object, but it plays a great role in the brain of the entire photovoltaic power station. If you choose not to If it is good, the stability and service life of the whole system will be greatly reduced. Choosing a mature and cost-effective solar controller can reduce the cost of the whole system and achieve the purpose of cost saving.


With the development of photovoltaic industry for many years, the technology of PWM charging controller has been very mature. However, we find that in the actual case, the power generation of photovoltaic power station after operation is often lower than the original design value of construction. To achieve a certain power generation, it may be necessary to design a larger solar panel to improve the power generation. However, such a result, potential It will increase the system cost even more. Is there a way to increase power generation without increasing system costs? MPPT charging controller is a good choice.


MPPT charging controller is an upgrade and replacement of traditional charging controller. It can be understood that MPPT charging controller can monitor the maximum power point in solar panel in real time compared with traditional controller. The negative grounding in photovoltaic system can better protect various devices in photovoltaic system and extend the life of controller.


Flexmax series charging controller is the latest innovation of fangpusun in MPPT charging controller tracking at maximum power point, Significantly and efficiently improve the power generation, at least 30% higher than the efficiency of the traditional charger, which can effectively solve the living and industrial power consumption in remote areas and tourism areas where the conventional power grid cannot cover, without environmental pollution, and bring you better product experience.




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