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Fangpusun Battery Balancer

Fangpusun Battery Balancer


Battery balancer is important in PV systems. There will be batteries in all PV systems, and the same batch of batteries will have different capacity, end voltage, internal resistance, charge voltage, discharge voltage, self discharge, and different state of charge due to the influence of the production process, storage time and working environment (temperature).

When the batteries are parallel together for a period of time, the terminal voltage of each battery happened different. The longer the time is used, the greater the voltage difference is. After the battery bank is charged, the effective discharge time is shortened and the charging time is shortened. The reason for this problem is the imbalance of batteries in the battery bank.


Fangpusun battery balancer

The function of the Fangpusun battery balancer is to balance the voltage of each battery in the battery bank so that all batteries have the same or similar voltage. When the battery is charged and discharged, all the batteries can reach the limit charge voltage and the discharge voltage at the same time. And the pulse emitted by the Fangpusun battery balancer has the function of repairing and curing the battery and prolonging the service life of the battery bank.

Fangpusun battery balancer is active equalization, which is mainly used for various batteries, 1 piece of battery balancer for 12V battery bank, 3 pieces of battery balancer for 48V battery bank.

Fangpusun battery balancer

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