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The RV's energy expert -- Fangpusun Hybrid Inverter/Charger

The RV's energy expert -- Fangpusun Hybrid Inverter/Charger


rv's energy storage sources are mainly four kinds: mains charging, diesel generator charging, solar energy charging, the original car site generator charging. solar power system is very expensive for rv, now we diy a suite of car solar system.


solar inverter: usually 2000w inverter can solve most electrical needs, if more power needs can be upgraded to 3000w power model.

we choose the fangpusun psm-d2000-12 hybrid inverter/charger


why choose psm-d hybrid inverter/charger?

1. psm-d with lcd display, no need to connect other equipment in the rv with limited space

2. psm-d2000-12 has a conversion rate of 93% and only 1.4w no-load power consumption. low loss means that the same capacity battery can be used for a longer time and use less power when charging.

3. psm-d2000-12 is a low power inverter in the psm series. the noise of its operation is generally not higher than 40 decibels, so as to solve the noise problem in the narrow space of the car.

4. it can be connected to the mains and diesel generator to charge the battery. the maximum charging current of psm-d is 100a, which greatly saves the space in the car and improves the charging speed.




solar charge controller:fangpusun  mppt 65

vt65 is ip54 protection class, is the best choice in the outdoors!the use of solar energy to supplement the battery discharge and load power consumption, to prevent long-term shutdown of the battery light.


battery: two 12v/100ah lithium batteries, capacity 2.56kwh, can last for 2 hours under 1300w load. (if space permits, you can configure multiple configurations.)


battery monitor:fangpusun bmv702

real-time monitoring of battery operating status parameters,after all, you can't tell how much power a battery has just by looking at it. 

the bmv battery monitor provides:

1. battery voltage;

2. charging or discharging current and power of the battery;

3. remaining battery capacity;

4. estimated remaining discharge time or filling time;

5. charging status of the battery

also supports detection of battery voltage, capacity (soc) changes output control signal and alarm buzzer.


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