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Add energy storage system in Solar Grid-Tied System ---AC-coupling system

Add energy storage system in Solar Grid-Tied System ---AC-coupling system


Solar system components

48 x 165w Solar Frontier Thin Film CIS Solar Panels

1 x 8kw 3 phase Grid Tie inverter

1 x Fangpusun Xtalent XTH6000-48 

1 x Fangpusun Flexmax MPPT 80 Charge Controller

8 x 260ah AGM Gel batteires


The project

This is a solar system for a home in Europe. The house already has a solar grid-tied system, and now the owner wants to add an energy storage device to the solar system to continue to use electricity in the event of a power failure. Ac coupling is the best solution to achieve this goal by integrating existing solar grid-tied systems.



The Solution

On the basis of grid-tied system, by adding 1 Xtalent XTH6000-48 inverter/chargers in one-phase,  1 FM80 MPPT solar charger controller, and 260ah AGM Gel batteries to their existing system and allocating half of the existing PV panels we provided them with a renewable energy backup system with the possibility to either store the produced energy in the batteries or to inject excess energy into the grid. 

When the grid fails and the grid-connected inverter cannot provide the load, the XTH6000-48 will start the UPS function to supply power to the home within 0.15s.



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