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The importance of fans in inverters and solar charge controller

The importance of fans in inverters and solar charge controller


the importance of fans in inverters and solar charge controller


the fan is a cheap and easy to buy item, the fan in the inverter and solar charge controller is mainly to meet the cooling needs of the main power device. there are many factors affecting performance, but heat dissipation is the most important one. the temperature at which inverters and solar charge controllers operate affects stability and life.


(built-in fan of fangpusun  series solar charge controller)

cooling fan protection remains a problem. in photovoltaic practice, we often see many inverter/solar charge controller  fan blade dust, fan running noise increases, cooling down, and some fans even due to go into rain or dust accumulation is serious and the damage can't work, the serious influence/solar pv inverter/solar charge controller running status, shorten the service life of the inverter.

the cooling fan increases the energy consumption and noise of the inverter/solar charge controller itself, and the high-speed operation of the cooling fan also shorts the service life of the fan. in order to solve these problems, the energy consumption caused by increasing the cooling fan is reduced as far as possible, and the stability of the inverter is improved. 

fangpusun Xtalent series inverter adopts intelligent air cooling operation technology for fans, automatically adjusts fan speed according to the internal temperature of the inverter, reduces noise, and achieves the purpose of good heat dissipation performance and low power consumption.


(built-in fan of fangpusun Xtalent series inverter)

fangpusun's Xtalent series inverters xtm, psm, xth and psh have 3 built-in fans, while flexmax and  series solar charge controllers have 1 built-in fan respectively. while ensuring heat dissipation, the excellent internal design makes it easy to clean and maintain the fans. as fragile products, fangpusun products are easy to replace and operate. although this is only a small detail, it provides convenience for the operation and maintenance of the product heat dissipation system and even the whole system. i believe that the convenience of operation and maintenance can improve the life of the inverter and solar controller to a certain extent.

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