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Fangpusun After Sales Service

Fangpusun After Sales Service


When you go shopping, what do you attention besides the function and price of the product?

Bingo! It's a brand of after-sales service. You spend money, get not only the product itself, but also includes its after-sales service. No one's products can guarantee 100% no trouble. A good brand can bring security feeling to buyers. For example, the old customers who have bought fangpusun solar charge controller will directly and quickly make a purchase when they see the new fangpusun hybrid inverter / charger in the market many years later. Why?

1. He has used Fangpusun solar products and knows that the products have stable quality and long service life

2. Fangpusun MPPT solar controller has been recommended by people around him

3. He knows fangpusun's 24-hour online customer service and answers customers' questions at any time

4. Fangpusun MPPT solar charge controller and hybrid inverter is worry free after sale, is a good faith company. If the product fails, it will reply the user within 24 hours according to the following process, and solve the problem within 2-3 days.

Like Chinese brands Haier, GREE and Huawei, fangpusun brand also makes the world people have confidence in China's quality and trust in China's brand service.

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