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Does Photovoltaic Power Generation Really Have Radiatio?

Does Photovoltaic Power Generation Really Have Radiatio?


When some families install photovoltaic power stations, it is often asked whether the roof mounted photovoltaic power stations will produce radiation? Will it affect human health? Based on the questions of many customers and many people who want to install photovoltaic power generation, fangpusun will give you a science popularization and roughly analyze whether photovoltaic power generation really has radiation?

As the name implies, radiation refers to the process that an object emits energy to the surrounding space in the form of waves or particles. All objects in nature will output energy to the outside world in different forms only if their temperature is above absolute zero. In short, radiation exists in everything in the world, including human beings. However, not all radiation is harmful, such as the radiation of the sun - sunlight, is indispensable to us. It is often said that sunlight, air and water are indispensable conditions for human survival. In fact, as far as the earth is concerned, sunlight is the most important thing.

Secondly, each country has strict standards for the electromagnetic compatibility of photovoltaic inverter, and implements a unified standard. So the electromagnetic radiation of photovoltaic inverter. If compared with household appliances, it is about the same as laptop computers, far lower than induction cooker, hair dryer and refrigerator. Fangpusun's star class hybrid inverter XTM & XTH has been selling well for many years in the market, and its electromagnetic radiation is almost negligible. XTM & XTH hybrid inverter has been tested by the authority and has CE and ROHS certification, so it is reasonable to install photovoltaic power station and other industrial grade photovoltaic installation in home.

Photovoltaic power generation directly converts light energy into DC power through the characteristics of semiconductors, and then converts DC power into alternating current that can be used by us through inverter. There is no chemical change or nuclear reaction, so photovoltaic power generation will not have short wave radiation.

Light is a kind of material in nature, also can be said to be a kind of energy, which has been used in all aspects of life by intelligent people from ancient to modern times. After fangpusun's professional science popularization, we should understand more or less this time!

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