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Fangpusun RV Solar Power System

Fangpusun RV Solar Power System


The solar energy system of RV has been paid more and more attention and widely used , And  How to get the power supply is very important for RV travel . In addition to engine power generation, power supply also includes camp supplementary power , And now The roof solar system is slowly accepted and used by the majority of car owners . Today we will talking some detail information for How Fangpusun Products working with RV .


As we know due to the emergence of MPPT controller, the efficiency of solar power efficiency is now at least 30% higher than that of PWM .

Second, solar power supply is more convenient, which is different from fuel or gasoline power generation, which is greatly limited and will not be used up.

The third is that solar system is new energy , and important is availabble resources .


Fangpusun have 2 models (PWM and MPPT) for Solar charge controllers Choose . According the PV power different have 3A-100A for choose .

A Good and Real High quality Solar charge controllers can improve the efficiency of solar energy and protect the battery pack from damage . and A Powerful (D Series Blue Series MPPT ) Solar Charge Controllers can be used for different battery types .


And After Use a Xtalent Series Inverter , the all solar system will be needn’t use any Grid Power . The Xtalent Inverter have a Full power for your RV use , Get the Power from the Battery bank . Make sure the DC - AC and for use .
Interested thing is If the battery pack does not work due to an emergency , You can start the Gasoline generator , It will be also charge the power to RV battery bank . It’s such as a UPS system , Normal use Solar system power charging the battery and get the power from the Battery bank .


If The RV have a complex load usage environment , Fangpusun also can provide the Upgrade scheme to you . Such as Battery Balancer to confirm the Battery bank have a very Stable charging voltage , And also have BMV 700 702 to Test the battery bank safe .


The whole RV solar system have solar panels , controllers, inverters, batteries, etc. it is more complex to connect them together . Fangpusun have much actual customer feedback can help you build a complete and reliable system more quickly . If you have any questions or inquiry , welcome for your message back at any time .


Charge new energy every day while walking !




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