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How much do you know about grid inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-27
Due to the diversity of construction, so as to promote the different forms of the installation of solar panels. Today, especially in the state advocates green environmental protection, people in order to be able to have the highest solar energy conversion rate, different inverter are introduced. Grid inverter is in such a situation. The emergence of it not only can achieve the high efficiency solar energy conversion rate, more rare is both the beautiful appearance of the new era of building, is a rare multifunctional inverter. Next, let's make further understanding. Grid inverter has a lot of kinds, normally, it can be divided into centralized inverter. Let's focus on the inverter. Look from the appearance of the above, this kind of inverter is generally through the use of a variety of photovoltaic group to implement the parallel and series of large photovoltaic power station. Thus, even a very small effect transistor power, with the existence of the inverter, can achieve the quality of the converter to produce strong power at the same time, making it reach the sine wave power circuit. It is for this special performance, many large companies will give priority to the centralized inverter, in order to obtain high efficiency inverter topology connection equipment. Grid inverter can be controlled by a centralized inverter with an interface box to achieve better performance. But need it is worth noting that the dead, different pv interface box for the corresponding requirement for performance of photovoltaic panels and also is not the same. So that we in use process need to pay attention to. To ensure that each set of series of work to be able to maintain in a normal state, but also can guarantee the system can transform the power information for power, and to the remote controller, ensure the whole pv systems of work and energy output. Show more about solar controller: solar controller what component
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