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Tracking report on the use of solar energy staff rest room in Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co., LTD

Tracking report on the use of solar energy staff rest room in Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co., LTD


tracking report on the use of solar energy staff rest room in wenzhou xihe electric co., ltd




system components


fangpusun Xtalent hybrid inverter/charger xth8000-48

1×fangpusun mppt 65


48v battery      






usage scenarios:

   this is the staff rest room of xihe electric co., ltd in wenzhou. the rest room is powered entirely by solar energy, and it is also used to test new products. fangpusun installs the newly developed products in the staff rest room for testing.this staff rest room scenario works for most users.

the electrical appliances mainly used in the staff rest room belong to inductive load, such as microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioner and rice cooker. these appliances are highly similar to home solar systems or rv solar systems.

in the staff rest room, there are mainly two microwave ovens with a total starting power of about 2400w. the starting power of a refrigerator is 1000w. a 3p air conditioner, starting power is about 7500w. there are also some small rice cookers, considering the extreme case, if these appliances are started at the same time, the instant load of the inverter is about 15000w.




product usage:


fangpusun Xtalent hybrid inverter/charger xth8000-48:

the solar system has been in use for more than four years, with the fangpusun Xtalent hybrid inverter/charger xth8000-48 always in use. the fangpusun xth8000 has a normal output of 7000w and 8000w in 30 minutes. it can withstand 21000w power in 5 seconds. in its four years of use, the inverter looks a little old on the outside because it is not installed indoors, but it functions well and has not broken down at present.





fangpusun mppt -65

the original solar charger controller of this solar system was fangpusun flexmax mppt80. after two years of use, the company developed  mppt solar charger controller. due to testing requirements, the flexmax mppt80 was replaced by 65.

the  series has ip54 protection rating, which makes it more suitable for outdoor use. after 2 years of use, because  series is aluminum shell, thermal conductivity is strong, heat dissipation is stable, not easy to aging, the current work is normal, the appearance of no obvious aging.





the report concludes:

   fangpusun products are currently in this project. no matter the inverter or solar charger controller, the products have normal functions and stable quality, with only slightly aging appearance.



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