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Fangpusun Inverter is “High & Good Quality”, Just in talking?

Fangpusun Inverter is “High & Good Quality”, Just in talking?


Fangpusun Inverter is “High & Good Quality”,  Just in talking?


When most people buy or choose an inverter, they will judge whether this product is what they need from the Inverter's appearance, function, and price. And in fact, most people will have a price as the dominant factor to choose products, Yes, That’s not any problem, As when the appearance and function are basically the same, the price can really determine the final result.

I believe many buyers will receive similar replies from the seller “Our Inverter is better than another” “Our Inverter is in best quality”, So what’s the detail of “High Quality”? Just in talking?

Following 2 Points information (Power Inverter, Pure sine wave Inverter) maybe can help you to understand what’s the real “high quality” and “High quality = High Cost”.

1. Warranty

This information can be easily obtained from suppliers. Most Power Inverter in the market with one and most Two or Three Years warranty. Warranty time can’t decide the Inverter service life but it can show the quality of suppliers' products. when you hear that Fangpusun Inverter all in Five Years warranty, what do you think?


2. Full Bridge Inverter or Half-Bridge Inverter

Most buyers know Pure Sine Wave Inverter and Modified Sine Wave Inverter. Simple understanding Pure sine wave is better and more cost.

Full bridge inverter has more power in the circuit, higher cost than half-bridge Inverter also need higher technical requirements. and most used in high power applications.

So if in same power for Full-Bridge Inverter and Half-Bridge Inverter, The factory cost of Full-Bridge Inverter will need more.


2 Points asking supplier will be more helpful of the buyer to get a really high-quality Power Inverter . and in another way, we can also really understand why some Inverter in a high cost than a normal Inverter. believe that if you know a little more, a high-value inverter will be your final choice.

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