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Coal is gone,Long live the solar

Coal is gone,Long live the solar


Coal is goneLong live the solar

At the 26th UN Climate Change Conference this year, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on the world to make coal history. Meeting chairman AlokSharma announced the new global clean energy transition statement, committing major economies to end coal investments, scale up clean energy, achieve a just transition and phase out coal by 2030 and others by 2040.



China's coal power woes

Over the course of this year, the price of coal in China has risen from five to six hundred yuan to nearly three thousand yuan per ton. In addition to the rapid growth of coal prices, some power supply enterprises have even stopped burning coal for power generation, and in a few areas there have been power rationing, seriously affecting production and life. This year, China also set a "dual carbon" target. How to meet the pressure of coal shortage and dual carbon target to meet China's growing power demand is an urgent problem.


World Climate Dilemma

At present, the world emits 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year, and it is increasing every year. The massive emission of greenhouse gases will lead to global warming, destroy the earth's ecology, and affect the living environment of human beings. But with the development of human life and industry, if no measures are taken, then the annual emissions of greenhouse gases will only get higher and higher year by year. How to deal with this contradiction is the most urgent matter.


The necessity of developing solar energy

As a Solar energy company, Fangpusun mainly produces MPPT Solar regulator, PWM Solar regulatorand INVERTER hybrid off grid. Ten years ago, Fangpusun installed a PV system on the roof of the company. Currently, 60% of the company's electricity is supplied by the PV system. In five years, Fangpusun plans to achieve 100% of the company's PV power, and eventually, it hopes to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions.


Fangpusun will still adhere to the concept of "Make Life more Better", providing the market and customers with low price and high-quality solar energy products, so that consumers have the best choice!


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