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Fangpusun Xtalent Inverter PCB board knowledg

Fangpusun Xtalent Inverter PCB board knowledg


Tender Inverter PCB board knowledge

Nowadays, many people have solar power generation systems. Inverters are indispensable in solar power generation systems, which are divided into grid-connected and off-grid inverters, modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters, and so on. Xtalent INVERTER (pure sine wave inverter) is widely used in solar inverters, and Xtalent INVERTER of fangpusun company is hybrid pure sine wave inverter/Charger. But no matter what brand of Xtalent INVERTER, PCB board is indispensable. So the question is, what should we pay attention to if the PCB board is damaged?


(The picture is a FangpusunXTM3500-24 Hybrid pure sine wave inverter/Charge 3500Watt/24V pure sine wave inverter, one of the best sine wave inverters)

If the PCB is damaged, the problem can be found by inspecting the PCB board and then repaired, but we do not recommend this operation because it takes time and effort, and the effect cannot be guaranteed. We recommend replacing the PCB board. In addition to the expensive original PCB boards, there are also some inexpensive but excellent third-party PCB boards to choose from. The FID number of excellent third-party PCB boards can be tracked and identified by most brands of RCC. After the PCB is tracked and identified by RCC, it can work normally, including the three-phase parallel connection with the original equipment. The third-party PCB board of fangpusun is yours. Good choice!

Pay attention to the following points when replacing the PCB:

1. Each wire connecting the transformer to the PCB board cannot be reversed (the position of each wire connection should be the same as the original one, if it is installed reversely, it will damage the PCB board).

2. After installation, use the switching power supply to replace the battery to test the inverter, and then connect the battery after the test is normal.

    Fangpusun has been engaged in solar power generation equipment for more than ten years and has provided many customers with solar power supply system solutions. The company adheres to quality-oriented and is committed to providing customers with high-quality and low-cost products. We are also looking forward to providing you with services!

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