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Fangpusun Xtalent Hybrid Inverter/Charger-Battery storage

Fangpusun Xtalent Hybrid Inverter/Charger-Battery storage


Fangpusun Xtalent Hybrid Inverter/Charger-Battery storage

The Fangpusun Xtalent Hybrid Inverter /Charger has many functions and application scenarios, but it has two basic functions: Inverter function and battery charging through the power grid or generator. In addition to these two basic functions, the UPS is also one of them. Xtalent combined with batteries can be an excellent energy storage device.



Xtalent Hybrid Inverter /Charger has perfect pure sine wave output, can withstand inductive load, within 5S can bear several times the standard power, so that Xtalent can drive electric fans, air conditioners, induction ovens and other electrical appliances with large starting power. Xtalent adopts the modular way of use, a single unit can output 110V/220V single-phase power, three up to nine units in parallel can output 220V/380V three-phase power, modular use let users later update, maintenance system more convenient. Combined with multiple electronic protection functions, it can stabilize the output power while protecting the load and battery.




Xtalent can use the grid and generator to charge the battery, through RCC can set the maximum charging current of the battery and the maximum input current of the AC terminal. It is widely used in motor homes and yachts. Motor homes and yachts can use camp power and offshore power to charge batteries to ensure electricity demand on the road.



Xtalent has excellent UPS capabilitieswhen it is forbidden or there is no incentive to inject energy into the public grid, an Xtalent inverter-charger combined with VictorTeam or VarioString MPPT solar charge controller will minimize the grid consumption in favour of the locally produced energy. They will also guarantee an energy supply in case of grid-failure. This solution is easy to set-up using Fangpusun products

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