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Why rooftop solar power is so popular?

Why rooftop solar power is so popular?


Why rooftop solar power is so popular

With the strengthening of people's environmental protection concept, emphasis on clean energy, rooftop solar power gradually gained popularity, the mass of the clean energy, is gradually understanding and recognition, rooftop solar power generation can be popular approval, also gradually for the majority of people accept, what are the specific reasons, the following brief introduction.

First of all, the large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy over the years has led to a series of dilemmas such as resource shortage, environmental pollution and climate change, and the importance of energy structure reform has become increasingly prominent! The world's attention is gradually turning to nature's boon "green energy", such as solar, wind, water and other clean renewable energy. With the goal of "clean energy as the main and fossil energy as the auxiliary", it is being realized step by step under the strong support of the state. However, green energy such as wind energy and water energy is more suitable for urban development because of its high requirements for site conditions and natural conditions. With only the roof and sunlight to generate electricity, this is definitely the best choice for a home power station!

Secondly, in recent years, with the emergence of extreme weather, haze, sand storm raging. Environmental problems are becoming more and more a problem we can not ignore! As the main force of energy for many years, coal power has brought a lot of damage to our environment. Correspondingly, photovoltaic has changed the energy structure of human beings for a long time, cutting off the dominance of coal power and achieving the clean standard of zero emission, so that the whole earth will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances. How can such a positive energy resource not be sought after and utilized?

Fangpusun focuses on the research, development and production of solar controller and inverter. In more than ten years of development, our sales performance is booming, and our products can be seen in many countries and regions of the world. The development and growth of Fangpusun company is inseparable from the strong support of every customer, our strict control of product quality and our great emphasis on after-sales service. In the coming years, Fangpusun will continue to base itself on customers, develop on technology and concentrate on service. To provide competitive products for the market!

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