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how true sine wave inverters reduce harmonic distortion

by:Fangpusun     2020-03-28
Total harmonic distortion (THD)
Is to measure the difference between the harmonic frequency of the input signal and the harmonic frequency of the output signal.
The greater the difference between the two frequencies, the greater the percentage of harmonic distortion.
The real sine wave inverter produces a sine current, helping to reduce harmonic distortion by providing an input signal, and when measured according to the output signal, the THD of the input signal is less than 3%.
THD just below 3% is the maximum percentage of THD generated by the sine power inverter.
In many cases, THD is a small part of the percentage.
How these devices work. By comparing real sine wave inverters with the closest inverters in the inverter series, it is best to understand their impact: improved power inverters.
However, the real sine wave inverter emits a sine current, which is visualized as a smooth undulating line of the same peaks and valleys, while the improved power inverter emits non-
Visualize the sine current as a square with a uniform spacing.
When the device is designed to receive a sine current ---
What is the current type supplied by utility companies--receives non-
Sine current, a significant percentage of THD was noted.
Although many devices are receiving non-
Harmonic distortion significantly affects their operation.
Common signs of high THD distortion signals vary from device to device, but are unambiguous when they occur.
For example, the speaker makes a noticeable hum;
The fluorescent lighting ballast gives a loud hum and contains flashing lights;
There are lines on the computer that shake the screen;
The traditional telephone system line is static;
The circuit breaker is closed unnecessarily.
The source of distortion varies.
In some buildings, it is made of solid, non-solid
A linear load, such as a computer, contains a microprocessor that often produces distortion.
In other cases, the problem comes from outside, such as a building that shares the same transformer with the affected building.
Conclusion There are several strategies to solve harmonic distortion.
If the problem comes from the outside of the building, installing an inverter that produces a sine current through a utility line may be the best option.
If the problem comes from inside the building, it may be helpful to use a filter device or to establish an isolation circuit.
When a building has equipment that shows the effect of harmonic distortion, its manager should contact the commercial power solution provider to help identify and solve the problem.
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