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Characteristics of Photovoltaic Off Grid Hybrid Inverter

Characteristics of Photovoltaic Off Grid Hybrid Inverter


Because the nCoV suddenly spread around the world. In fact, we are not afraid of panic. We should straighten our mind. The epidemic is temporary. How can we do it rationally in the face of the global epidemic? In fact, Fang pusun thinks that you can learn a little PV knowledge at home during this period.

In recent years, the global economic construction is accelerating innovation, and people's life style is gradually changing. However, there are still some remote areas. Due to the high cost of power grid distribution, the power supply can not be fully covered. In order to solve the problem of power consumption, people generally use diesel engine to generate power. In fact, diesel engine power generation has a high demand for fuel. Exhaust pollution and noise cause public hazards. And the transportation and storage safety of fuel are unavoidable problems. However, the photovoltaic off grid system does not have such problems, will not bring noise, but also green environmental protection.


The design of photovoltaic off grid system is different from that of grid connected power generation system. It needs to consider the user's load size, daily power consumption, local climate conditions and other factors. According to the actual needs of customers, different design schemes are selected for the design of pool capacity: in photovoltaic power generation system, the inverter is indispensable and relatively complex. In order to ensure that the off grid system can work reliably, do a good job in the early stage Customer demand survey is very necessary. The design of photovoltaic off grid system mainly includes inverter selection, module capacity design and power storage. The market divides photovoltaic inverter into two types: photovoltaic off grid inverter and photovoltaic grid connected inverter. There is no significant difference in the main circuit structure between the off grid photovoltaic inverter and the grid connected photovoltaic inverter. The main difference is that the photovoltaic grid connected inverter needs to consider the operation safety with the grid after grid connection, that is, the same frequency. And photovoltaic off grid inverter does not need to consider these factors.



Fangpusun's new hybrid inverter, which can be fully automatic combined and controlled. With overload, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, temperature and other complete protection mechanism, pure sine wave output. All settings for fangpusun xtalent can be controlled remotely. When a software with new features is available, it can be loaded into the system, so fangpusun xtalent remains up-to-date. Multiple fangpusun - xtalent can be connected in parallel or form a three-phase system. This means that up to nine fangpusun xtalent can work together. This is flexible for home photovoltaic system or industrial photovoltaic system.


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