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It's Like Sunflowers That Are Born In The Sun

It's Like Sunflowers That Are Born In The Sun


In today's era, craftsmanship spirit is so valued and repeatedly advocated because in this impetuous and fast-paced era, people are quick to make quick progress and are prone to lack of focused attitude. In utilitarian and impetuous social atmosphere, they always maintain a calm heart, and they are born with faith and sunflower.

Indeed, affected by the "covid-19", countries around the world are generally tightening the prevention and control measures, and the smooth and orderly operation of the global industrial chain and supply chain have been impacted to varying degrees. Fangpusun believes that we need to take a positive view of this emergency and not stop to follow the pace of the times.

On the one hand, it is necessary to continue to play a good role in the industrial chain. On the other hand, there is an old saying in China that "the scenery should be long-sighted". Under the leadership of fangpusun, the team has always maintained a spirit of exploration and strived for development. At present, China's epidemic prevention and control work has been phased victory, "covid-19" has been effectively controlled. Recently, fangpusun general manager and technical engineer went to Tianjin, We brought our new type of XTM hybrid inverter to Tianjin xiangshengtong medical laboratory. In the detection of PCR amplification instrument "covid-19", the Xtalent XTM hybrid inverter plays an important role. Medical detection or precision special instruments have very high power requirements. It needs 24-hour uninterruptible power supply. When it is connected to the power system, it has A detection type of AC input interruption (UPS). If the interference voltage less than 1 ms is detected, the equipment will immediately switch to the inverter mode, which ensures that the switching time is not more than 15 ms. The parameters can also be adjusted by RCC / 03 to further detect its sensitivity.

For this "covid-19" test, fangpusun has always been practicing "customer value centered" with practical actions that can stand the test. Any industry should follow certain objective laws, and the pace should be stable and reliable, so as to go further and further

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