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What is solar hybrid inverter?

What is solar hybrid inverter?


The solar power system is one of the cleanest energy generation systems. It is a better alternative to conventional electricity. It utilizes the heat generated from the sun and can be used anywhere such as huge factories, buildings, and at home. Presently, everybody including young people and adults is worried about global warming and its adverse impacts worldwide. This article is about detailed information on the solar hybrid inverter, hope it helps you know more about the solar power system.

Because of this awareness, everybody faces a critical need to reduce discharges of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases. The usage of solar energy is turning out to be progressively well known among the masses as they lead to less natural effects and help to save money. Due to the way things are and how individuals' lives are shaping up, the solar system will become exceptionally fundamental in the coming years. Solar technology is changing how we use energy across businesses and at homes. However, new users think it is difficult to comprehend the technicalities of solar technology-based gadgets like solar inverters, etc. 

There is a wide range of solar power-based inverters available today. However, in this post, we will talk about hybrid inverters and hybrid solar inverters. Before we talk about hybrid inverters, how about we quickly examine what a solar inverter is. 


An electrical converter that changes the DC (direct current) output of a solar panel into an AC (alternating current) is known as a "solar inverter." The current generated can be used for various applications, such as an electrical grid and an off-grid electrical network. In a photovoltaic cell, what can permit the use of a typical AC-powered apparatus is a balance of system (BOS) component.

These inverters have a few functions with photovoltaic rays like protection of anti-islanding and tracking of utmost PowerPoint. An inverter is an important device even at home because without installing an inverter, using a solar system would be impossible. 


The functioning guideline of an solor power inverter is to utilize the power from a DC Source, for example, the solar panel, and convert it into AC power. The produced power reach will be from 250 V to 600 V. The power can be converted using a bunch of IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors). When these strong state gadgets are connected as H-Bridge, then, at that point, it sways to AC power from DC power.

Another device used in a solar system is a step-up transformer. It is used with the hope that the AC power can be acquired and taken to the grid. Inverters without transformers are been designed by some designers. These inverters will have high productivity as compared to inverters with transformers. A pre-modified microcontroller is also used in a solar inverter system. It is used to execute various algorithms precisely. This controller expands the output power from the solar panel with the use of the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm. 


A hybrid inverter is an inverter that can at the same time oversee inputs from both solar panels and a battery bank, and also charge batteries using either electricity grid or solar panel (depending on which is more preferred or affordable). Their capacity might go past this in any case – a few gadgets additionally handle inputs from generators, wind turbines, and other sources of energy. 

This power inverter is also called a multi-mode inverter because it permits connecting batteries to the solar power system. This hybrid inverter interfaces the battery through a technique known as DC coupling. Gadgets deal with the charging and releasing of the battery. So there is a very inadequate decision on these inverters. As the name proposes, a hybrid solar inverter joins at least two systems. It joins a solar power system with a battery-based inverter to produce a single arrangement.

In simple words, an solar power inverter is one of the critical parts of a solar power system that converts direct current (DC) delivered by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) for home machines. For a solar panel setup with a conventional inverter to transfer AC to DC and vice versa, a separate inverter is needed. Nonetheless, a solar panel system with a hybrid inverter doesn’t need a different battery inverter. Curiously, hybrid inverters can likewise be installed without batteries. Certain individuals offer hybrid inverters a chance to comprehend their battery necessities for what’s to come. 

In light of Features and Specifications, Hybrid Solar Inverters can be Categorized into Four Types:

1. Basic Hybrid Inverters

This type of inverter work like a grid feed inverter. Nonetheless, it additionally permits storage capacity in a battery system for self-use. The critical detriment of a fundamental hybrid inverter is that it doesn’t have a grid isolation gadget, which implies it can’t control your family if there should be an occurrence of a power outage. Hence, a basic hybrid inverter is an incredible decision provided that your grid supply is steady.

2. Multi-mode Hybrid Inverter with Battery Backup

A multi-mode hybrid inverter can control your home, charge batteries, and also feed overflow power to the grid. If there should be an occurrence of a grid failure, the unit will switch over to battery supply and work autonomously from the grid.

3. All-In-One Hybrid Energy Storage System

For these modern-day hybrid inverters to form a complete unit, they must come with a battery unit. It very well may be installed in your home with a current solar setup. Such hybrid systems are accessible in a wide scope of features and sizes.

4. AC-Coupled Hybrid and Off-Grid Systems

Most hybrid systems contain separate inverters that cooperate to establish an AC-coupled system typically. A standard solar inverter alongside an intelligent or multi-mode battery inverter should be present in such a system. The multi-mode inverter works as a battery inverter to execute the energy management system and optimizes energy use with the assistance of programming. 

 The above can assist users with figuring out what’s best for them. Nonetheless, before you settle on a specific hybrid system inverter, it is suggested to research and gauge your energy use.


There are many benefits associated with hybrid inverters – Here are some of the best ones to consider as you’re looking at inverter solutions:

ü Versatility

A typical misinterpretation about solar is that on the off chance that you install a system, you will generally have power during blackouts. As a rule, this isn’t accurate: customary grid-tied solar inverters consequently shut off during blackouts for wellbeing purposes, removing power generation from your solar panel system.

A hybrid inverter matched with batteries is the best option assuming you need to keep your property running on backup solar power during a grid blackout.

ü Monitoring

All of your solar electricity whether being shipped to the grid, self-consumed on your property, or being put away in your battery–is changed over through one component with a hybrid inverter. This takes into account “centralized monitoring,” which implies you can screen both your solar panel system and battery execution through one platform.

ü Retrofit battery storage installation

The hybrid inverter has one major benefit, and it is the ability to consolidate the usefulness of two separate bits of gear into one. This can mean a simpler Installation measure for your solar installer. Depending upon the costs of the individual parts and the expense of work, you might save money by introducing a hybrid inverter consistently instead of paying for both solar inverter and battery-specific inverter independently. Compare hybrid solutions with conventional, grid-tied solar inverters, as they can be more affordable upfront if you don’t anticipate adding battery storage to your system.

ü Constant Power Supply

A hybrid solar power system gives a continuous power supply with the aid of storage batteries that are associated with the inverter. If there should be an occurrence of a power blackout, the batteries work as an inverter and give backup.

ü Optimal Utilization of the Renewable Resource

A battery System associated with a hybrid system guarantees the most extreme use of solar sun radiation on splendid bright days. Consequently, such a system brings about the ideal use of solar radiation by saving energy on bright days and utilizing the saved energy power when there is a blackout.

ü Low Maintenance

Maintaining a hybrid solar inverter is easy, particularly compared with customary sources of energy. Since there is no fuel included, a hybrid inverter doesn’t need regular servicing. 



Not every solar panel system can hybrid inverters provide the right answer for; here are some of the disadvantages to remember:

The easiest way to add a battery to an operational solar panel system is to install an AC-coupled battery with its inverter. Since your solar panel system as of now has its grid-tied inverter, trading out this part for a hybrid solution will require extra re-wiring and work, which can build the expense of your solar-plus-storage system.

Hardware costs

Adding a battery and a hybrid inverter to your system will be more costly than installing an exclusively grid-tied solution. This additional expense can be worth it only if you experience constant blackouts or need to utilize a battery for power rate exchange. Notwithstanding, if your service organization has great net metering incentives and the network is constant in your area, a traditional grid-tied solar panel system will cost less.

Future design adaptability

Not all hybrid inverters are battery skeptics. Also, some energy storage systems, accompany an already built-in inverter, overcoming the requirement for a hybrid inverter. On the off chance that you install a mixture inverter preemptively, remember that you might be restricting your choices concerning future storage advancements. 


The main difference between these inverters is that the normal inverter converts DC electricity input into AC electricity output, while the Hybrid inverter change DC power and AC power in two ways. The hybrid solar inverter can also work both as a charger and an inverter. The hybrid inverter solar system can manage the electricity input from both solar panels and the battery bank at the same time. The battery connected to this hybrid inverter can then be charged in two ways, either with the electricity collected from the electricity grid or the solar panel. The hybrid solar inverter, in contrast to the normal solar inverter, can undoubtedly acknowledge further expansion because of its ability to get Installed without batteries. This makes it ideal for off-grid and stand-alone power systems.



Question: How long should a solar inverter be expected to last?

Answer: A solar inverter should be expected to last for 10 to 20 years.


Question: What does a solar panel generate between AC or DC?

Answer: Solar panels generate DC.


Question: Would I be able to utilize a solar panel without a battery?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to use a solar panel without a battery.


Question: How would you reset a solar inverter?

Answer: You can reset a solar inverter by turning it on and off for 30mins.


Question: What is the best way to clean a solar panel?

Answer: The ideal way of cleaning the solar panel is by utilizing a pipe and a pail of soapy water.



If you want to build the most sophisticated solar PV system that can be connected to the grid while also having an independent energy storage system that can maintain power when the grid fails, then hybrid inverters are the best choice. Fangpusun's hybrid inverters can be paired with on-grid inverters to make ac coupling solutions simple.

The advantages associated with this solar power inverter are as follows: well-chosen materials, stable execution, incredible quality, reasonably designed and offered at a reasonable cost. At Fangpusun, we run an extensive supply system and after-deals service system. We are focused on providing magnificent on-grid power inverter and off-grid power inverter service for most of our customers. We also provide top-notch solar power inverters, and we are a maturer inverter maker with over 10 years of experience.

Do you wish to know more about solar inverters? Or need the service of a professional in your house or company? Reach us today and get the best solar inverter service rendered to you at an affordable price.

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