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Types of photovoltaic system components

Types of photovoltaic system components


"Green building and energy efficient use" refers to reducing the negative impact of climate change on the building ecosystem through the design and efficient use of renewable energy. It has the advantages of sustainability, high efficiency, high user comfort and indoor environmental health, and has a positive impact on the whole building life cycle.


The application of photovoltaic power generation in architectural design realizes the integration of photovoltaic buildings. Fangpusun thinks that we can have a chat, and photovoltaic components are more important in energy buildings. A good system of photovoltaic components can bring twice the result with half the effort for your system, so the choice is very important.


Solar panels

Solar photovoltaic panels can be used instead of building components, This will reduce the use of building materials, That is to say, energy conservation is achieved, While meeting the requirements of architecture, Using sunlight can generate energy, It can be said that there are many at one stroke.


Solar controller

The solar controller is the electricity from the photovoltaic module, which is stored in the battery after tracking and transformation. In addition, it has the function of protecting the battery and preventing the battery from overcharging and discharging. The solar charge controller is often used in off grid system and DC coupled energy storage system. There are different levels of solar charge controllers in the market. Choosing MPPT solar charge controller in photovoltaic buildings will make people more worried than PWM solar charge controller.


Solar inverter

Fangpusun commercial inverter, pure sine wave inverter and hybrid off grid inverter are of great strength. They show more obvious power generation advantages under the same conditions. They have passed the rigorous long-term reliability test and environmental adaptability test. They are the best choice to pass the outdoor climate test, just to make your power station worry less and generate more power.



The maximum charging current of storage battery is determined by three aspects: 1. Inverter 2. Photovoltaic module 3. Solar controller; between photovoltaic and inverter, the trend of current and selection of equipment of storage battery will produce many factors.


Compared with wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation has no noise and resonance problems; compared with geothermal power generation, it has no winter summer balance and regional geological selection problems; compared with hydropower generation, it does not need to evaluate its impact on the geological environment. In the energy building, it can create power generation income for the owners continuously, stably and for a long time.

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