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Factors influencing the earth to get the sun light

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-15
Due to run the position factor, the earth receives solar are changing every day. First of all, the earth in the earth's axis of rotation around herself, produced a day, noon and sunset, night. For illustration purposes, choose a fixed location, Cleveland in the United States, for example) 。 Because the earth's rotation, Cleveland to have a light side, here is what we call the sunrise. Earth's rotation and Cleveland's movement from east to west, the sun at sunset fall below the western horizon. In the time of sunrise and sunset, the sun ray without direct in Cleveland, but has a certain Angle of oblique, thus less than direct received energy. As the earth rotates the sun point-blank Cleveland at noon, the sun ray energy sent to the earth to reach a maximum of one day. If this time have photovoltaic cells in photovoltaic energy conversion, then it will have a day during this period, the biggest power. At sunrise or sunset, by contrast, photovoltaic cells to produce energy is much smaller. In the year, the earth receives solar will change due to the influence of other factors. In addition to rotation, the earth in orbit around the sun for 365 days period. The earth moves around the sun's path. We can see that the path of revolution is not a circle, but an oval. This shows that in a year with the change of the time the distance of the earth and the sun, or far or near. Another factors that affect how much the earth receives solar tilt of the earth is the center of the earth axis, 23 ° Angle approximation for, but with the revolution of the earth, this Angle will change between a 25 ° 21 °. Due to the earth around the sun takes a year of time, such as Cleveland city in the northern hemisphere, toward the sun in summer, winter is far from the sun. Although winter of the earth's rotation Angle remains unchanged, but because the farthest end of the earth in orbit, far from the sun, the northern hemisphere sunshine time is short, in the northern hemisphere receives less solar energy. On December 21, known as the winter solstice, it is in the northern hemisphere the daylight on the shortest day of the year. On June 21, is the summer solstice, the longest day of sunlight in the northern hemisphere. On March 21, the vernal equinox is almost the same day and night time. On September 21, autumnal equinox, like the spring equinox, day and night almost equal time. Due to the Cleveland Ohio in the northern hemisphere, and distance from the equator 3000 mile, sunshine time long summer, winter sunshine time is short. The equator is a imagine existing line, located in the central part of the earth. Above information is helpful to understand different months, different seasons, the earth receives the solar energy is different, to choose the location of the use of solar energy, the construction can be a lot of use of solar power station is very useful.
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