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Is The XTH Inverter Charger A Bidirectional Inverter?

Is The XTH Inverter Charger A Bidirectional Inverter?


Recently, I received a picture from a customer who asked me this question before purchasing: Is the XTH inverter charger a bidirectional inverter? 

The bidirectional inverter may be unfamiliar to many buyers. Combining the pictures, briefly explain as follows: 

1. XTH hybrid inverter/charger built in an AC charger, which can charge the battery. AC power sources can be from Grid-tie inverters, AC alternators, and national grid. 

2. XTH power inverter with DC to AC function, which can simultaneously charge the electric power into the battery and then output AC to the load.

The wiring diagram sent by the customer is intended to supply solar power to household appliances while charging excess power into the battery. 

When there is a power outage, the XTH inverters can reverse the direct current of the battery into alternating current output and continue to supply household appliances.

The XTH XTM PSM PSH XTS series hybrid inverters have multiple application scenarios and different connection methods. 

Please share your usage scenario and we will design the best installation plan for you.


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