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Negative grounded solar controller

Negative grounded solar controller


The grounding wire of the solar controller is an important measure for protecting personal safety and stable equipment operation. When there is a leakage or other electrical fault in the solar system, the grounding wire can lead the remaining current back to the ground, preventing the occurrence of electric shock accidents. At the same time, the grounding wire can effectively eliminate static electricity on the solar panel and bracket, reduce circuit interference and power loss, and ensure the normal operation of the solar system.


The grounding wire should be directly connected to the metal shell of the solar charge controller, and good contact must be ensured during wiring. The length of the grounding wire should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the effectiveness of grounding.


There is a possibility of protection malfunction caused by positive pole grounding, as the tripping coils are generally connected to negative pole power supply. If these circuits are grounded or have poor insulation again, it will cause protection malfunction.

The fangpusun 12V 24V 48V MPPT solar controllers are all negative grounded, include of Flexmax MPPT solar controller series, blue MPPT 150V solar charge controller series, VT-80 parallel MPPT solar controllers series, D type MPPT solar regulator with LCD display series.


The negative electrode grounding has less impact on the wireless sound than the positive electrode grounding, which can better protect various devices in the photovoltaic system, which is the benefit.

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