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How to improve the life of Xtalent series inverter from heat dissipation?

How to improve the life of Xtalent series inverter from heat dissipation?


How to improve the life of Xtalent series inverter from heat dissipation?

PV inverter is the core equipment of photovoltaic system, the main role is to convert the direct current from PV modules into alternating current.

But in fact, the inverter is not only the inverter, but the security of the PV power station, the inverter also bears the PV array and grid monitoring and protection, environmental protection and human-computer interaction and other system-level functions.

PV inverter is the core equipment of PV system. In off-grid PV system, it mainly converts the direct current in the battery pack into alternating current to supply energy for the load. The Fangpusun Xtalent series inverters have many more features, such as mains complementary, multifunction Contacts, intelligent phase following functions.

Why should the inverter heat dissipation

No matter what kind of electronic product, its actual performance is closely related to the temperature, about half of the damage of electronic products is caused by the temperature. The electronic components inside the solar inverter are very "delicate" and very sensitive to temperature. According to the existing rule of 10 degrees, the life of electronic products will be halved when the temperature increases by 10 degrees. The heat dissipation is very important for the solar inverter.


Several ways of inverter heat dissipation

There are two main cooling modes of solar inverter: 1. Natural cooling 2. Air cooling

1) Cool naturally

Natural heat dissipation is mainly the use of thermal silicone grease to connect the heat source and heat dissipation plate, the heat is exported by conduction.

Natural heat dissipation is suitable for low-power devices. At present, solar inverters below 500W on the market all adopt natural cooling.

2) Air cooling heat dissipation

Air cooling heat dissipation is mainly a method to take away the heat emitted by the device by forcing the air around the device to flow, such as fans. This method is a simple and effective heat dissipation method.

Fangpusun's Xtalent XTM, XTH, PSM and PSH series inverters all have three internal cooling fans, which can provide a powerful cooling effect. Xtender XTS series inverters adopt natural cooling mode due to their low power and IP54 protection grade. The heat dissipation is also very strong.


Pay attention to heat dissipation when installing the system

Fangpusun Xtalent series inverters can be connected in parallel to form a three-phase power supply, and multiple inverters can be connected in series to increase the output power. When multiple inverters are used, they should not be placed in a closed space. They need to keep air circulation, avoid direct sunlight, and keep enough distance between each inverter. In this way, Xtalent series inverters can give full play to their due performance.

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